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This father met the Git Up Challenge with the help of his twin daughters.

Ever since the social media game overwhelmed our lives, we’ve been overrun with various viral challenges.

Some people like lifting a couch at their home because a standard workout is just not good enough.

Yes – that is actually the challenge. There are also icing, planking, and the unforgettable ice bucket challenge, and the list goes on.

However, not every challenge will have you rolling your eyes, some are unexpectedly heartwarming.

The Git Up Challenge is just that – it makes you grab your loved one and do some boogie.

This father decided to share a dance with his young daughters, and it turned out amazing.

Blanco Brown started it all on TikTok, then it moved to Instagram, and now everyone does it

Brown produced music for some really big names in the music industry, like Pitbull, and Chris Brown.

Blanco is an American singer, songwriter, and music producer who’s had over 50 million streams on Spotify, thanks to a fantastic idea of turning his 2019 debut single, “The Git Up” into a TikTok sensation.

The song eventually became incredibly popular, and it hit a No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

With over half a million YouTube subscribers, the man is single-handedly responsible for making so many people connect through some boogie.

Tessa and Emma make their dad very proud

It’s a simple video where a father dances in the back and his two precious girls are also going on quite well with the choreography.

They’ve memorized those moves perfectly, and father has surely danced more than once before.

He’s dancing with a glass in his hand, taking a sip now and then, and letting his baby girls steal the spotlight.

The happy family is dancing at Texas’ oldest dance hall, located at the historic Greue in New Braunfels.

These girls are dressed for the occasion

The two-step, and then the cowboy boogie could have been done in any outfit, but little sisters went the extra mile and dressed in little cowboy outfits. They are Texans, after all.

The funniest part of the video is the dog, who comes out of nowhere, and starts mingling around.

The challenge is surely interesting to everyone, even the pets seem to love it.

The lovely twins will be so grateful for the video when they grow up

Every child loves to remember how much fun they’ve had with their parents.

It’s nice to have a video that confirms how phenomenal your parents were, and that you had so much to learn from them.

Letting loose, and feeling a pure joy must be a lot better when your loved ones are by your side.

Tessa and Emma are lucky girls for having a devoted father who loves making memories with them. We love how seriously the girls approached the whole challenge idea.

It’s not the first time the twins have been the main protagonists in their father’s homemade videos

Papa Joe’s been filming them since they were born, making sure that nothing is forgotten.

From their first steps, and every birthday, to the latest video, where dad plays the piano. These folks will certainly have a lot to laugh about in the future.

And they’re not alone in this all. Many fathers decided to do the same with their daughters, and the Git Up Challenge is becoming more heart-warming with every new submission.

Thank you, Blanco Brown, for reminding us of how simple it is to have fun with your loved ones.

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