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This flower has petals that look like little hummingbirds

Now that most of us are on home quarantine because of the pandemic, we spend most of our time on things like scrolling through our social media accounts.

Thankfully, apart from the bad stuff online, there are also bunches of good ones that will give you nothing but “good vibes”.

The world is full of strange things, people, places, animals, insects, and much more.

Thankfully, the internet is there to give us quick and easy access to all of these. Whatever it is that you are looking for, the “World Wide Web” has it.

Just a year ago, a Reddit user named OctopusPrime shared a photo of a plant that bears rare-looking flowers.

With a closer look, it’s not actually that strange because its flowers resemble the image of tiny hummingbirds.

Crotalaria Cunninghamii, a plant that’s worth sharing on your social media account.

According to Wikipedia, it’s also called green birdflower or regal birdflower.

This unique-looking plant is from the legume family Fabaceae which was named after the early 19th-century botanist Allan Cunningham.

When talking about this beautiful plant’s reproduction and its habitat:

“It is native to, and widespread, in inland northern Australia. It is a coloniser of unstable sand dunes, along beaches and in Mulga communities. It is pollinated by large bees and by honeyeaters.”

Hummingbirds, Batesian mimicry, or pareidolia?

Though there is no denying the flowers of this plant really look like hummingbirds, there are also other factors that affect the outcome or its imagery.

But whatever it may be, these flowers are indeed so adorable to the eyes, though I’m also wondering how they actually smell.

If it so turned out that these flowers are fragrant, planting them in your backyard is going to be a good idea, wouldn’t you agree? You will be bringing home not only beautiful flowers but also the refreshing scent of nature.

The question now is, do they only grow in Australia?

I know many of you would really want to grab a hold of this beautiful plant.

Maybe have them grow in your yard or have them grow indoor for additional home decoration.

Though it’s mentioned that Crotalaria Cunninghamii grows in Australia, there are some that say it can also grow in the USA.

“Green birdflower will grow in the U.S. in USDA Hardiness Zones 10 and 11. In regions that experience freezing temperatures during the winter, bring the plant indoors until spring. This shrub requires full sun and a well-drained soil, but is quite drought-tolerant.”

However, you know the rule, beauty comes with a price.

So your pocket’s better ready if you really want to bring this fascinating plant home.

Though I know most of you wouldn’t mind at the price like you’re saying, “Just shut up and take my money!”

The image of the plant sparked discussions online – some are serious while some are…

Well, you know the internet, it’s open for everyone so expect a diversity of characters on it.

Reddit user Swindle123, although curious, had a brilliant idea about having this plant at home:

“How is this even possible? Like having flowers that look like birds could be useful in scaring off bugs and stuff but how does it come to look like that in the first place?”

While Reddit user sillysyl123 was simply amazed by the image but also managed to notice another detail on the picture:

“Such a cool plant!! Thanks for sharing. Also, I love your ring. It’s so pretty!!”

I personally want this plant and I really wish this plant wouldn’t go extinct because it’s now gained too much attention from the public.

You fairly know what happens to something once it becomes popular, don’t you?

Nature is definitely scary, but oftentimes – it’s AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

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