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This Guy Dares Everyone To Pull The Watermelon Trick As Good As Him

Now, get a watermelon from the fridge/market, and start following the steps.

What all you need?

2 watermelons of same size• A knife• Scotch brite scrub. Yup. That’s it.

People are shocked:

He showed his trick to some people at a party and everyone was shocked. A little boy is actually not able to get over what he did.

Step 1-Slicing:

Just slice the outer covering of one of the watermelons. Make sure that you do it neatly or else the trick would fail.

Step 2-Using the scotch brite scrub:

Now, gently scrub the inside part of the watermelon in order to make it look neat. After doing so, keep it aside for some time.

Step 3-The second watermelon:

Cut the second watermelon into two halves and take out the inside part of it. We only need the outer covering of this watermelon.

Step 4- joining the two:

Now you just need to put the inside part of the first watermelon into the two halves of the second one.

Final step:

Make sure that you keep it inside the fridge and allow it to settle.

Many other shapes:

You can do this trick with many other shapes too! Have a look.


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