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Thomas Rhett’s daughter melts 2.3M hearts when Mommy says “don’t eat until I’m back”

Country singer Thomas Rhett is known for his heart melting love songs and upbeat country jams.

If you are a follower of his on social media, you know the real stars in his family are his wife and three daughters.

His wife, Lauren, and three daughters, Willa, Ada, and Lennon, have stolen the hearts of all Thomas’ fans on social media.

Once again his wife and one of their daughter’s, Ada, have stolen the spotlight from their famous daddy and husband.

Lauren decided to have Ada, unknowingly, participate in the fruit cup challenge.

What is the fruit cup challenge? It has taken social media by storm.

Parents leave some type of treat or candy in front of their child and tells their child not to eat it just yet.

The parent leaves the room but has a hidden camera in the room to see if their child will listen.

The reactions and decisions by children have been hilariously adorable.

Ada, adorably dressed in a pink ballerina outfit, was left alone with a cup of jelly beans. Do you think she ate the jelly beans?

Ada was left alone with the jelly beans for about a minute and a half.

It was only ninety seconds, but for a toddler with an appetizing bowl of candy in front of her it must have felt like days.

She wanted those jelly beans more than anything but her mama told her to be patient and she wanted to listen. Ada even reminded herself out loud,

“So berry patient.”

Ada’s wait was hard for her but it is adorable for all the viewers.

Ada keeps eyeing the bowl of jelly beans and then eyeing the door her mama walked out of.

What is going through adorable Ada James’ mind? We might never know but in the silence of waiting she squees and giggles with excitement.

She needs her mama to come back, because her excitement for her jelly beans is taking over.

Can she keep waiting?

Ada starts to lean in closer to the jelly beans, it is getting harder.

She blows on the jelly beans as if they were her birthday cake and candles.

Then the excitement has left her and her patience is starting to fade.

She becomes quiet and just stares at the jelly beans.

She wants them so bad but she also wants to keep listening to her mama’s direction.

Temptation is starting to get overwhelming. What does Ada do?

Ada does not start secretly eating her treats, she pushes them further away from her.

Maybe if they are further away they will not be so tempting.

Ada quickly changes her mind on that decision and brings the jelly beans back and even closer than before.

“Come over here, kay,” Ada tells the jelly beans.

It has been over a minute since Ada’s mom left the room and she has not even touched them yet. This little girl has more patience than most adults!

Ada adorably touches one but pulls her hands back close.

Yet, this touching of a jelly bean brings a huge smile to her face. She wants them and she wants them bad. Lucky for Ada her mom comes back into the room quickly after.

“Did you eat any?” Lauren asks Ada. Ada shakes her head no.

Ada passed the fruit cup challenge with adorably flying colors.

Her mom asks her again to make sure she did not eat any and Ada excitedly, and honestly, tells her mom no.

When her mom tells her she can eat some, her fingers quickly grab the beans she so patiently waited for.

Great job Ada!

Watch Ada’s adorable fruit cup challenge in full right below.

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