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Tim Allen and Richard Karn announce their brand-new tool show – and we cannot wait

We have spent time laughing at the hilarious antics in the show Home Improvement.

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are comedic figures that, even now, give us that sense of nostalgia that we so desperately crave.

If you like Home Improvement or are a tool junkie, this show is for you!

While not all of us are as handy as we would like, maybe we can remedy that with this new show!

From the looks of things, this is for all those people who loved the original show OR those who love a laugh, particularly in the context of construction and handiwork.

Want to know the name of the show?

The new series’s running title is “Assembly Required” and is sure to bring us some great episodes.

It is a “competition styled” show that will be premiering on the History Channel. While it isn’t necessarily a comedy like Home Improvement was, it is sure to bring us some laughs.

From what it looks like, it’s already getting popular.

They haven’t even released any episodes yet! Nevertheless, people are still getting excited to watch it.

A construction competition hosted by these two is sure to fill a special niche that most can’t.

When Richard posted the news, it immediately went viral.

Karn posted a photo of one of those cheesy “supermarket magazines” with the news on the front and said, “this is basically true!” While we shouldn’t normally trust those things, this news came right from the horse’s mouth. Within a few minutes, the photo had already been liked 20,000 times!

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long.

While it may still feel weird to admit it, 2020 is almost over (thank goodness).

What better way to christen the new year than a new show hosted by some of the most famous figures from the ’90s! Early 2021 is what the crew is shooting for.

Here is how the show will work:

Like all game/competition shows, this one will have some rules. The way this one works is no different!

Builders, handymen, and construction workers will compete together and solo to solve household problems.

While the details aren’t confirmed, the builders will likely be judged on their speed and creativity!

We don’t have all the details but more keep surfacing!

I can imagine it now! The workers are sweaty and in the midst of crunching out the last few desperate things they need to complete some outlandish project.

All the while, Tim and Richard are off somewhere else laughing and making jokes! They are sure to poke fun of the other guys working, in good nature, of course.

They have already started filming, and Richard is saying that things are turning out really great.

Despite all the setbacks that many film companies experienced this year, it looks like they are still making progress on the series.

Again, we don’t know the exact date, but it is looking like 2021 will be the big year. Until then, it may be time for you to catch up on some old Home Improvement and get those nostalgic ’90s vibes going.

Check out this clip from the original series below!

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