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Tiniest 3-month-old puppy gets groomed for the first time

Bringing a puppy home is always a special moment, as you get to see how this cute tiny furball grows up to become a fine pup.

Taking care of such a fragile creature could mean extra care from your end, especially when it needs to be groomed.

Some puppies are really tiny and grooming them for the first time can be a bit difficult.

Thankfully there are tons of professional groomers out there who can easily do this tedious task for you and your pet.

After all, this experience can either make or break your dog’s trust in your local groomer.

However, if you don’t have time to take your dog to the groomer you can always go to the Internet and search for instructional videos.

One of these videos is from a grooming salon in Japan called Lovely Grooming.

The video features an adorable 3-month old toy poodle which is probably one of the cutest things that you’ll ever see.

In the video, the groomer started off by cleaning the poodle’s ears which is very important to avoid any ear infections.

Next up is giving it a gentle and warm bath before its much-awaited blowdry and trim.

The number of times that your dog needs to be groomed varies, but it mainly depends on its hair length, breed, and type of coat.

Ideally, pups need to be groomed at least once a month.

You can always groom your puppy at home but if you’re not quite confident with your grooming skills then you can always visit a professional groomer.

Please do note that it’s very important to prepare your dog prior to his appointment.

Familiarizing your pup with the process is perhaps the most important part.

Jumping into a grooming session with no prior grooming experience at all can mean disaster.

Your precious pup’s disastrous experience can have a lifelong effect, that’s why the first session needs to be as pleasant as possible.

As an owner, there are several things that you can do to make this experience a pleasant memory for your dog.

Brushing their hair once a week or so can help with shredding and prevent any mats buildup which can be quite painful to your pup.

You may also hold their paws as often as you can to help get them more familiar with the movements.

And of course, you need to be patient and communicate with your puppy in a very calm and soothing manner.

“We don’t do a lot during the first sessions; we want the puppy to become acclimated to being handled.

The first experience must be a good experience, with lots of love and treats.

This is their special place away from home. If you push them through the experience and restrain them, then you ruin that dog for the rest of his life.” Chuck Simons of the Pet Salon in New Jersey says to The Balance Careers.

It’s also important to not restrain your puppy tight so that they don’t get stressed or agitated.

The whole process should be shortened since your pup may get frightened by alien devices such as clippers and noisy dryers.

“A bather has to be with the puppy at all times; it has to be a loving experience.

It’s just like with a baby; you help them through it so that bath time becomes a fun time.

Just lavish them with love. It’s through that regularity that they come to terms with the grooming experience.”

The viral video of the 3-month old toy poodle has been well-loved by millions, especially since he behaved really well during his grooming session.

Watch the adorable grooming video below.

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