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Tiny reindeer crouch down only to melt everyone’s heart when they pop up with dance

Children bring extra excitement to the holiday season. Their love of Santa Claus and hoping to be on the nice list.

The excitement of Christmas Eve when the children cannot fall asleep because they are waiting up to spot the big guy.

The way their eyes light up at the Christmas lights and decor in your home and around the neighborhood.

For adults it is joyful to watch children light up during the holiday season.

Adults fall back in love with the holidays through the eyes of their child.

Children will perform at holiday musicals, performances and dances.

These are heartwarming moments that all parents look forward to every Christmas season.

When the Christmas performance is done by really small kiddos, it can bring extra joy and laughter.

The Mora family can attest to this because their little daughter’s, Emelynn, Christmas show might be the cutest performance you watch all season.

Emelynn performed at her first dance recital to the Christmas classic “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

Emelynn and her adorable dance group are decked out in their own reindeer outfits.

They are the reindeers for this performance and they are looking the part.

They are rocking red antlers, bells around their necks and adorable brown ruffled dresses.

Emelynn’s father, Vince, recorded the performance and focused on his daughter and four other young girls.

Every child responds to the spotlight differently and this group of youngins are no different.

Out of the five girls there are the shy ones and the girls that are living for the audience’s applause.

The different reactions from the girls makes this performance even more adorable.

It did not matter that some of the girls were too shy to perform their parts, the crowd cheers on their performance the entire time.

These adorable little reindeers deserve all the applause for even standing on the stage.

The performance begins as the Christmas carol always does,

“You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen
Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all?”

Each girl was given their reindeer name and excitedly raise their hands when their reindeer name is sung. The cuteness is overflowing from the very beginning.

Each “reindeer” dances to the beat of their own drum.

These little girls know their choreography but they are all dancing the choreography at their own pace.

They have not figured out how to perform in unison just yet, but this makes their Christmas performance even more charming.

They are giving it their all and their enthusiasm will bring a smile to your face.

As long as their audience is cheering them on, they are going to keep on performing to their very best.

One viewer commented,

“This was just way too cute. So precious even Ebenezer Scrooge’s heart would melt. Bless those little reindeers.”

You will want to watch this performance multiple times because it is hard not to focus on an individual reindeer each time.

Every girl gives something different and adorable in the performance.

There are girls that are blowing kisses and girls having their own solo moments when they shouldn’t. These little reindeers are all show stealers.

Watch these adorable reindeer’s perform in full right below.

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