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Toddler and her dog dress up to recreate the iconic “Beauty and the Beast” dance

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Every kid has one Disney movie that they like above all the others.

Only some get their dogs to cosplay as characters from those movies.

Emily Slobotski has watched Disney’s 1991 animation Beauty and the Beast over 100 times, and she’s only three.

She just can’t get enough of it. In fact, she even likes to copy Belle’s scenes whenever she watches it.

One day, Emily’s mother, Kaylee, found something online that would make Emily enjoy the movie even more: a dog costume for The Beast.

So she ordered the costume. Shortly after it arrived, Emily asked to watch Beauty and the Beast again. So Kaylee put it on.

And while Emily was glued to the screen and acting out the scenes in her Belle costume yet again, Kaylee dressed the family dog, Rudy, in the costume.

Once it was on, Kaylee told Emily to look at Rudy. But the girl’s eyes were fixated on the movie as usual.

It was only later, when the dog walked in front of the screen, that Emily saw Rudy’s outfit.

Emily loved it. In fact, she wanted Rudy to act out the film with her.

The dog, being a dog, didn’t know how to copy Beauty and the Beast. Luckily, Emily was more than happy to help out.

When the famous dance scene from the move came on, Emily took Rudy’s front paws and lifted him up.

The two danced back and forth to the music.

Rudy looked around confused. He had no idea what was going on. But Emily was having the best time.

But then, when the song was almost over, Rudy escaped from Emily’s clutches.

Emily didn’t mind. Instead, she was happy to have had the opportunity to dance with Rudy.

Luckily, Kaylee was filming Emily and Rudy’s dance.

She uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it soon went viral.

To date, it has gained over 18 million views. It also has more than 169,000 reactions, 406,000 shares and 180,000 comments.

Sure, Rudy is running away at the end of the dance now. But will he learn to tolerate it more in the future?

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Emily’s going to watch Beauty and the Beast more.

She’s almost definitely going to try to get Rudy to act it out with her again.

And if you want to see more pets dressed up as Disney characters, then you’re in luck. There’s a whole Instagram page dedicated to just that!

The page has showcased over 100 pets dressed up as some of Disney’s most beloved characters.

And there are also a range of outfits on the page of characters from movies that Disney now owns.

For instance, this pug is the spitting image of Princess Leia:

Of course, the easiest dog to turn into a Disney cosplay is a dalmatian. All you have to do is own a dalmatian and you’re done.

For every other dog breed, there’re costumes like the one Rudy has to wear most days nowadays!

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