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Toddler rushes band with trumpet and dance that steals show

Some people, no matter how young or inexperienced they may be, just get music.

From an early age, some people just have a complete affinity for music and soon dedicate their lives to appreciating or creating the human commodity that it is.

Music, it seems, is a language anyone can speak.

Sometimes people can speak that tongue before they’ve even grasped any verbal language.

On adorable clip taken in Jackson Square, New Orleans shows the power of music for tiny humans.

When Stephanie Coleman Anthony and her one-year old son Boone visited Jackson Square one day, they probably didn’t expect for him to become a star performer.

When they came across a group of street performers playing brass instruments, it seems only natural for Boone to join in the fun.

He’s a natural!

It seems like Boone may have spent quite a few years in jazz bands, the way he seems to mimic the band’s movements and pretend that he’s playing some sort of trombone.

Who knows, maybe as far as he’s aware, he is playing the trombone.

Either way, the trumpeter with him front and centre gives him a big, encouraging thumbs-up.

When the real trombonist steps in, you can see where Boone may have gotten his inspiration.

While the band are blowing into shiny brass instruments and fancy marching band drums, Boone seems to make do with some sort of toy he happened to be carrying around.

What’s so heart-warming, is how much the band seems to be loving Boone’s involvement.

This kid really does put his heart and soul into this performance.

When he gets those hips swinging, he brings the moves.

Boone seems to have keyed into the whole band’s energy and not only manages to continue his mimed trombone playing, but put a little extra swing in his step.

Our trumpeter rises and raises his arms to the young performer.

Without breaking his focus, Boone continues to “play” his instrument while the trumpeter raises cheers for the young guy.

One thing is clear: that Boone is as serious about “playing” his music as any of the real musicians.

Needless to say, the crowd love him.

Led by the toddler’s mom herself, the whole crowd give rapturous cheers and applause for this outgoing young tike. As Stephanie told NOLA, who posted the video:

“Boone received so many smiles and cheers from so many folks; it was the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

When she steps in to retrieve Boone, he gives the signal that he’s not yet done.

Stepping forward through the applause, in an attempt to let the band do what they do best, Stephanie approaches her toddler to ease him out of their limelight.

He obviously knows what she’s up to however, and anticipating her movements, he quickly turns away as if to avoid her.

Finally getting her little rock-star under control, Stephanie guides him back into the crowd.

That doesn’t mean that he’s done playing, however!

As the band wave goodbye to their youngest member, he continues to speak the language of music, if at least by way of pretending.

As they march away, you can see a future band member strutting around.

Whatever music lives in Boone’s soul, it’s clear that he cannot contain it much longer.

Some people have so much music in them, that sooner or later, it just has to come out.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this hilarious and adorable video!

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