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Tom Hanks Steps On A Floor Piano – When She Joins In, Keep Your Eyes On Her Legs

We all know the iconic scene in the classic Tom Hanks movie, “Big,” where he jumps on the giant piano mat in the toy store and begins to play “Chopsticks.” One clever show host got Tom to recreate this scene on camera, but he got the well-known actor to do it with another A-list celebrity.

Academy and Golden Globe Award winner, Sandra Bullock, also happened to be on the show that day and stepped in to help Tom recreate the famous scene.

Even though she was dressed in tall spike heels, she jumped on the mat and hit the notes right along with Tom. They got through the first bit of the song with ease as the thrilled audience cheered and giggled!

Not many people get the chance to play “Chopsticks” with Tom Hanks on a giant piano mat – and by the enormous smile on Sandra’s face, it’s clear to see that she enjoyed every second of it!

They both seem like such sweet, genuine people, and their goofy interaction here is even more proof of that.

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