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Trooper battling darkness finds missing toddler that clutches onto him and refuses to let go

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of the night

Being stranded in the middle of the mountain at night with no one beside you is not something you wish for.

The only thing that will accompany you is fear as you’re surrounded by nature and wild animals.

Your instinct will tell you to get out of there as soon as possible. But for a 2-year-old child, getting out isn’t always possible.

A two-year-old from New York was in a similar condition.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call about a girl who went missing.

The girl went missing from her home. It was Saturday and the more time passed, the worse it was about to get.

The search team had to find the girl quickly. A second delay could mean anything.

The little girl was alone and had no one by her side. She could be anywhere and the possibility of her being in danger was very high.

It was impossible for the girl to find a way back home by herself.

In the hope that she was fine and away from any peril, the officers began the search. They also had to do this as quickly as possible.

The officers were also racing against time. The only way to protect the girl was to find her and do so quickly.

The difference between day and night time is very vast. Nights are often too cold, darker, and at worst scary.

The girl’s situation was about to worsen as the sun was gearing to set. The officer who was appointed, Kevin Henderson, said:

It was getting close to getting dark out and getting cold. We wanted to get the search done as soon as we could.

The team knew about the situation and thus they began to search quickly.

One of the officers, who also was assigned, said:

“These missing kids, it can go really bad. It’s time-sensitive depending on the time of the year, so although it was a nice day the temperature was dropping” Brain Hotchkiss

To make this as quick as possible, Ontario County Sheriff’s deputies called troopers for additional assistance.

Brain Hotchkiss, who was one of the assigned troopers, began the search in full force. Hotchkiss began the search by first knocking on neighbors’ doors and altering them to check their property.

“I began knocking on neighbors’ doors with a couple other troopers, alerting neighbors to check their property. They started contacting other neighbors and resources for help” Brain Hotchkiss

The initial search found no result. There was no evidence or sign that the little girl was anywhere close.

Hotchkiss then decided to search in the mountain nearby.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t check,” said Hotchkiss. “I looked up to the summit of the mountain and all I could see were trees and dirt” He added.

After few hours of searching, Hotchkiss saw a lead, and the girl was finally found.

The search continued for an hour. Hotchkiss then saw a pink dot in the distance. He knew it was the girl, so he quickly followed the dot. When Hotchkiss got there, he saw the missing girl lying on the rock.

“I followed the stream and I located the child, she was lying on her stomach on a rock, and I ran over as quick as possible and I saw her arm move and I knew she was alive and my heart just dropped. I was so excited, I ran up and she hugged me immediately, she wouldn’t let go” Brain Hotchkiss.

Thanks to Brain Hotchkiss and his decision to climb the mountain, the girl was found. If it weren’t for Hotchkiss’s effort the situation wouldn’t be the same.

The girl was later given medical care. She was safe and sound, with no injuries.

The entire story was posted on Facebook by NY Police.

After Brain Hotchkiss and the police department rescued the girl safely, the NY State Police posted about this on their Facebook page. The post reads:

On Saturday, Troopers from SP Canandaigua assisted the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office in a search for a missing two-year-old in the town of South Bristol.

After about an hour of searching, Trooper Brian Hotchkiss found the child sitting on a rock, in the middle of a stream.

Cold, but alert, Troopers carried the girl back home to safety.

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