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Twin baby girls’ first conversation together melts hearts

It’s safe to say we all want subtitles for moments like these. But then again what’s life without mysteries? Austen and Brooklyn Taylor are four month old twins in this video and were captured talking to each other for the first time. And just look at those faces.

Whatever the topic was, those adorable faces were all smiles. It’s anyone’s guess how their chat went down.

The age of interaction.

At four months, babies begin to interact. The discovery of social interaction means they will stare and coo and babble their tiny hearts away.

So have that phone on video mode because you never know when the little one decides to have a moment.

And those moments become memories. So make sure you have backups of pictures and videos.

Amazing to see these two interact. Whenever one of the twins “says” something, her sister reacts with a smile and a coo.

Even viewers are in awe,

“It fascinates me how babies seem to be able to communicate with one another.”

It’s not just a baby thing. It’s a twin connection!

The twins are five now and you can follow them on Instagram too.

Who knows if they share more than those pretty faces? The thing with twins is we just never know.

One may be shy, the other outgoing. Pretty hard to tell. Some coincidences and similarities could either be scientifically based or just… coincidence.

Austen and Brooklyn seem to love the outdoors though, if their videos are anything to go by. The girls play outside, swim, and enjoy a drive whenever permitted.

These four month old twins are propped up on their elbows with round bellies on the ground while they chat but notice how they try to move around? These girls are strong and healthy!

There’s an inside joke there or two.

Listen closely. After a coo here and there, the other responds with a smile and a giggle.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t discussing the secrets of the universe to each other,”

says a viewer.

Highly possible.

One of the twins attempted to crawl towards her sister but for reasons she cannot fathom, her body won’t move the way she wants it to.

And all she wants is to be closer to her twin. The frustrated baby utters a cry. Her twin? She smiles at her sister. Too sweet!

Austen and Brooklyn look at the camera with those wide eyed expressions as if asking and wondering what was going on. And why one of them couldn’t move to get closer to her sister. It’s adorable, don’t worry!

See if you can decipher their chat in the video below!

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