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Two otters see a popcorn maker for the first time and their adorable reaction is hilarious

In 1908, a French crowd was in awe as they finally caught a glimpse of flight.

For the first time, they could now dream higher than the clouds and see what birds could see.

This might be a similar feeling when these two adorable otters encountered a piece of handy technology.

It was small, almost like a size of a football. The red shine reflected the otters’ curious faces as their owner locked in a glass-like visor on top.

Is it a small coffee maker? Is it a home assistant? No – it’s a popcorn maker, and these cute critters are about to witness the “dream of popcorn” for the first time.

They cautiously but curiously approached the small machine.

Hana watched carefully from a distance, which meant “from the table,” while Kotaro bravely confronted the contraption.

As pet otters, it’s nothing like they’ve seen before.

If they knew how to read, they’d figure out what it does exactly. But for now, they’re much more distracted with the golden kernels.

As their human poured in the contents, they adorably fumbled around just to catch a glimpse of these “otherworldly seeds.”

One of them even stuck their little grabby hands to get a handful of kernels.

The machine began to whir to life!

Both of them carefully approached it now that it sounds more “alive” than a while back.

They even enjoyed the warm air that’s blowing out from the opening.

But as soon as the kernels began to pop, the both of them scamper away like people hearing a train engine roar for the first time.

They hid under the chairs with their eyes still locked in the machine’s direction.

While most of us would’ve descended onto the small popcorn mound-like dragons fighting for the hoard, these two walked around in large circles.

For them, it sounded like the machine was out to get them.

They inspected the puffy treats for a while but they seemed to be much more interested in running around than actually trying some.

If you want the popcorn all to yourself, these two would be your perfect companions to the movies.

After a few more coaxing and convincing, the two got ready for the second round of popcorn making.

This time, they were much more comfortable with the whirring and popping.

But now, they’re much more curious on why a machine so small can “spit out” corn-pops almost endlessly.

Apparently, this problem proved so difficult to crack that both of them completely lost interest midway.

The last remnants of their curious shenanigans were invested in inspecting the popcorn which never really suited their tastes.

Hana and Kotaro are small-clawed otters.

They are aquatic mammals dwelling both in sea-water and fresh water and can be found on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica.

They are known for being adorably smart as they can enjoy leisure or use tools to eat.

Being domestic pets, Hana and Kotaro are both trained and are treated much like smaller dogs.

They may not be interested in popcorn, but they are avid fans of sashimi, which their human treats them to on occasion.

You can catch their cute adventures at KOTSUMET’s YouTube channel where they react to various things like mist sprayers, pools, hot springs, thunderstorms, and stuffed tigers.

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