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Two-year-old’s thick southern drawl while telling a cow story is a total heartmelter

When it comes to storytelling, kids can come up with some pretty captivating tales all on their own.

When a kid grows up surrounded by farm animals, though, they’ve got a lot to work with.

Olan is an adorable youngster from Alabama who’s quite the storyteller.

His family lives on a small, rural farm. And, that being said his tales can tend to be on the “wild” side of things.

Luckily, Olan’s mom and dad film some of his imaginative stories and share them on their YouTube channel, “The Real Wild Thornberrys.”

While each one is amusing to listen to (especially with his cute voice) – there’s a certain video that’s winning hearts.

The two-year-old’s story about a cow is just too cute.

Mom helps him get started.

Little Olan is sitting with his parents, Gatlin and Maegan Thornberry, who are well-aware of what an amazing imagination their son has.

While the camera is rolling, Mom says, “I need you to tell me about the cow.”

That little sentence was all it took to get the cogs turning in Olan’s head.

He immediately responds “Oh,” then jumps into a story about the time he was riding a cow.

When it comes right down to it, Olan sounds like he knows what he’s talkin’ about.

According to the toddler, he put a bridle on the “little cow” and started riding it. However, the animal wouldn’t calm down so he had to lock it up.

That’s not all though. Mom asks, “But what did the cow do to you?” Olan responds:

“He bucked me off!”

What makes Olan’s cow story even more enjoyable is his accent. The toddler has a Southern drawl that adds the perfect touch to his wild tale.

Babbel Magazine provides the following information about “the drawl”:

“What most people call the “Southern drawl” has to do with the length of the vowels. What often happens is the vowel will be diphthongized, meaning it’s split into two syllables. You’ll hear this in lots of words, like “here” as hee-yur or “red” as ray-ehd. Think Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.”

Mom and Dad would also like to hear a different cow story.

They try and get Olan to switch gears and talk about something a cow did to his foot. He’s not having it though.

The toddler is focused on the “little cow that bucked him off” story, meaning they’ll just have to wait until next time.

The video is so precious, it’s been watched over 449K times on YouTube.

In the description, it says:

“…little 2 year old Olan is telling a story about a time he was bucked off a cow. We are trying to get him to tell a different story about a cow licking his foot and eating his shoe, but as you see in the video, he has other plans! This boy is very bright, full of imagination, and LOVES to tell stories!”

Olan has melted hearts across the internet, with YouTube users leaving comments like:

“OMG! This is the cutest little boy ever…just love this video!!! Makes me smile!!!”

Another person wrote:

“I’ve watched this 10,000 times!! I have it saved for bad days. He’s so adorable!!”

Olan’s imagination shines from beginning to end. As soon as you think the video couldn’t get any sweeter, he ends it by saying:

“Just like that motorcycle bucked me off yesterday…”

There’s just something about Olan that makes me think he’ll be a writer one day, and a good one, at that.

There’s no telling what this little cowboy will come up with next.

Hear Olan tell his cow story in full, southern detail in the video below!

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