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U.S. Navy Blue Hawks let loose in video dancing to Justin Timberlake hit song

The video has racked up nearly one million views and it’s hard not to feel good watching them dance.

Serving in our nation’s military requires a huge sacrifice.

You will be away from your families for months on end and in some cases won’t return back to them at all.

However, freedom isn’t free.

This sacrifice is required in order to maintain our great nation. The efforts put forth by these brave men and women are recognized and appreciated.

However, just because you’re deployed somewhere away from your friends and family, doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your situation.

Take these soldiers in the Navy.

They’ve been sent out to sea and could be out there for months at a time.

Although the ship is large, they have to find ways to entertain themselves or they may just be miserable for the entire duration of the assignment.

The Blue Hawks, a Maritime Strike Squadron based out of San Diego made a video that shows how to have a good time while doing their job and protecting their country.

One of the members of the crew decided it would be a good idea to film their fellow crew members dancing to the song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

And a good idea it certainly was.
The video has racked up nearly one million views and puts everyone watching it in a good mood.

As the song starts to play, the crew member filming the choreography walks around the ship and records various personnel dancing to the song.

They make sure to get everyone involved.

From the cooks to the pilots.

Everyone in the video has a huge smile on their face and you can just tell that they are having a great time making this video.

When your job requires such a high level of stress at times, it’s good to have a little fun when the situation allows for it.

This video made that possible.

Everyone from the youngest recruits to the most senior members got down to this song.

Oftentimes, there are multiple crew members dancing together in the same shot.

Good bonding time

You can tell that they have built a strong bond after spending so much time together and recording this video only solidifies that bond even more.

Dancing while they work

In some cases, the folks are still doing their job while the video is recording.

There is even one crew member out on the deck of the ship helping to land a helicopter.

It’s what connects us.

This video is a great testament to remind us that the soldiers that protect our great nation are just people like you and me.

They’ve voluntarily taken on these noble positions and continue to work through all the challenges that they are faced with.

If you know someone who is serving now or has served in the past, be sure to thank them for their sacrifice.

Want to watch some of our military personnel enjoying themselves while they sacrifice a huge amount of their time?

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