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Veterans waiting at airport hear Boogie Woogie music and cut a rug

Airports are a hassle, especially when your flight has been delayed.

Instead of getting annoyed, two World War II veterans are here to remind everyone that life is too short to get annoyed.

Instead of feeding into emotions over situations you cannot control, such as a delayed flight, everyone should get up and dance instead.

That is exactly what two World War II veterans decided to do with their extra time at the Reagan National Airport outside of Washington D.C.

A flight to Kentucky had been delayed at the Reagan National Airport, which was flying many veterans back home to Kentucky.

It was an honor flight through the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization that flies American veterans to Washington D.C. free of charge.

Knowing that so many veterans were stuck at the airport, the Ladies of Liberty decided to sing for their veterans.

They were not going to sing any songs from today, they wanted to sing the patriotic tunes from the veterans past.

The Ladies of Liberty chose to sing the World War II classic song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by The Andrews Sisters.

The moment the music starts veteran, Marin Perryman, could not control his feet and he had to get up and dance.

Marin might be in his nineties now but the music has brought him back to his youth.

Marin still has all the best dance moves and is not afraid to show them off.

It does not take long for another World War II veteran, Paul Kopey, to join in on the fun dancing.

Paul Kopey is led over to the Ladies of Liberty and quickly starts to dance as well.

These two veterans are done wearing their combat boots but they are not taking off their dancing shoes anytime soon.

One woman spectator did not want to pass up a chance to dance the patriotic tune with real World War II veterans and started to dance with the two gentlemen.

She starts to dance with Paul Kopey, but charismatic Marin Perryman taps his fellow veteran on the shoulder for his chance to dance with the young lady.

It is pure joy to watch the two veterans dance as if it is still the 1940s.

It clearly shows the two men have the same spirit and dance abilities since they were young men in the 1940s.

Everyone went from being annoyed over a delayed flight to singing, dancing, or cheering the performance along.

The end of the video might be the best part as Marin, Paul and their dance partner all hug and laugh at the end of the song.

They were all having the best time and their smiles show it. Thankfully, Grace Gupton, took video of the veterans dancing and shared it online.

The woman that got up to dance with the two veterans found the video and commented,

“Oh, my goodness! I loved dancing with these gents! It isn’t every day that a WWII vet can out dance you!

After an early morning and a long day traipsing all over DC, these veterans still have amazing energy!”

Thank you Marin Perryman and Paul Kopey for your service and for reminding us all to keep dancing and having fun.

Watch their dancing performance in full right below, it will make your entire day.

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