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Vince Gill grabs hearts with “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

Few artists have the ability to embrace their age and turn the timbre of decades of singing in their stride.

Indeed, not every genre of music makes this all too possible.

Pop music favors the youthful and new, and rock music can be much too high-energy for an aging performer (with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger being notable and extreme exceptions).

One genre, however, which does lend itself to a voice that changes with age, is country music.

And one artist who sounds (arguably) even better now than he did 40 years ago, is Vince Gill.

After a long and storied music career, he is still making music for those that love country music.

In his time, Gill has recorded over 20 albums and sold 26 million copies altogether.

Now, he has released a new recording of his song “Go Rest High on That Mountain”.

It’s a song that Gill wrote and as you can see in the video of his most recent rendition, that theme remains strong.

The video begins softly, with piano and guitar.

As the camera drifts down, we see Gill backlit in melancholy focus.

His eyes are lowered sadly, and it’s clear that Vince Gill is about to deliver a solemn performance.

The song carries much meaning for Gill.

When a country music singer by the name of Keith Whitley passed in 1989, Gill began writing “Go Rest High on That Mountain”. He didn’t however finish the song for several years.

Tragically, Gill’s older brother Bob suffered a heart attack and passed in 1993. This, it seems, motivated Gill to finish the song, and it was released in August 1995.

As he sings, you can hear Gill’s heart in his words.

Every line Gill sings carries the weight of loss and he truly pours his heart out.

All that time has done for Gill’s performance is offer an extra sense of gravity.

The guitar is brooding.

The minor chords Gill plays along while he sings give pace and momentum to his soft voice.

With a heavy heart, he uses the guitar as an extension of his soul in true country style. He has a deep country sound, a style that you could tell anywhere.

The guitar isn’t the only instrument lending itself to the song.

Accompanying the guitar is the slow, delicately played piano.

Softly played alongside the guitar, and of course, Gill’s own lovely voice the piano adds an element reminiscent of some of time’s greatest ballads.

The video takes a slightly different look at the theme of Gill’s song.

Showing many clips of families at military services and sweeping shots of seemingly endless fields of headstones, the video makes a clear point.

Watch the video below to hear Gill’s spectacular new rendition of his famous country song!

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