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Waitress calls the cops when she notices elderly customer hasn’t shown up in days

A pensioner’s accident would’ve turned for the worse if not for the waitress who paid attention to her.

Doreen Mann, an 87-year-old pensioner from Essex took a dip in her bathtub.

Suddenly, Mann felt she couldn’t move her legs. She tried to shift and stand up but her legs were just not responding.

She could’ve called for help but Mann lived alone.

She had been tending to herself for years especially after her husband was moved into a care home.

But then she found herself stranded in her tub, worried if anyone would ever come to get her out.

Fortunately for her, there was one person who paid attention to her. She’s not her daughter or her neighbor.

She is a waitress at a café that she usually goes to.

Mann became a regular at Tomassi’s in Southend when she started living alone.

Sonia Congrave, a waitress at the establishment for more than 15 years, always notes when Mann comes in on weekends to get a slice of her favorite cake.

At first, Congrave thought maybe a cousin of hers was in town, but when Mann didn’t show up for her Saturday routine, Congrave had to sound the alarm.

Mann left her doors unlocked. When police arrived at her home, they immediately heard her calling for help and found her wrapped up in the tub.

Rescuers turned up on Mann’s house on October 10.

She had been stranded in her bath since 9:30 AM on October 7. She was rescued after four days of being stuck.

To survive, Mann filled her tub with warm water or covered herself with her towel.

Without sustenance, she had to rely on tap water to keep hydrated. When rescuers found her, her knees were bruised all over from attempts of getting up.

Fortunately for Mann, the ordeal was over.

It’s all thanks to Congrave who paid attention to her patron.

“And I just think it would be nice for us all to just take a bit a bit time out and remember your neighbors or remember the lady down the road you haven’t seen for a few days. Just give a knock or a phone call and just say ‘Are you alright?’” Congrave shared to On Demand News.

In the United States alone, more than 14 million elderly people live alone.

This demographic is further made vulnerable because no one in their immediate vicinity can help them during accidents.

These incidents can include slipping, minor heart attacks, or falling down the stairs.

It can be the grandpa who swings by the barbershop every afternoon, the elderly uncle who practices tai chi every morning in the park, or the sweet grandma that never misses church Sundays.

We can protect them from those risks if we pay a little bit more attention and check up on them from time to time.

These efforts, no matter how mundane, can be the tipping difference between life and death.

“I do not know what I would do without Sonia and the rest of them because it is my second home, they are my second family.” Mann shared with The Sun.

Thanks to Congrave’s concern for Mann, the elderly lady can continue to enjoy her golden years with her slices of cake and cups of tea on weekends.

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