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Widow’s threatened with huge property fines until kind strangers come to her rescue

Getting old comes with a lot of challenges. Apart from the physical changes the body experiences, some people also struggle with social isolation.

Agnes, a 90-year-old widow, lives alone on her property.

Living by herself, each day started to feel more and more difficult for her. She has no one else to turn to for help.

Agnes’ home was starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Her roof was in awful shape. There was no air conditioning in her house and that made summer extra hard for her. She also had to deal with stray animals coming inside her place.

With her age, Agnes struggles to walk.

That’s one of the reasons why she’s not able to clean around. She couldn’t even remove all the trash from her house.

The widow had an even bigger problem.

Her difficulty moving is just one of her problems. Her biggest concern was the complaint filed against her.

Although the woman was living alone, she had relatives.

One of them had been dumping trash on her property. It had been that person’s routine for a couple of years already.

With so much trash and debris, the neighbors living around Agnes started complaining.

It was so bad that the city had to step in and take action. They warned Agnes that if she failed to clean up, she’d be charged $2,500 daily. That was such a huge amount of money!

Her husband had passed away and there was no one willing to help her solve the problem.

That didn’t stop Agnes. Out of desperation, she decided to ask for help from strangers.

She contacted Operation Blessing.

It’s an organization that works hard to spread God’s love and ease human suffering.

They go around helping people not just in the United States but other places around the world, too.

The organization is very active when it comes to providing disaster relief.

They also work hard to address community development, hunger relief, vulnerable children, and safe water.

People from Operation Blessing visited Agnes.

And they didn’t just stop by to see how she was doing. They actually helped her clean out her property.

The group helped the old lady restore her home.

They tore down a shed and trailer on her property. They were so dilapidated that removing them was the only option.

As the cleanup was happening, more people came by to help.

This was surprising for Agnes. She didn’t ask for these people to help her. She didn’t even think they would lend a hand.

Cleaning up Agnes’ place wasn’t the only mission of the group that day.

They also did a lot of additional important things for the sweet lady. They repaired the holes in her roof.

They even cleared a pathway leading to her yard. There, they installed really beautiful flower beds.

And the most important part?

The group was able to remove all the debris on the property the city was citing. They made sure that everything was clean.

Seeing the results, Agness was completely overwhelmed.

Her home looked so much better. Plus, there’s a new pathway she can use to enter her home with her wheelchair.

Operation Blessing also made sure that Agnes was comfortable in her home.

They installed a new air conditioner. It’s a big help for an old lady, particularly during the hot days of summer.

Agnes couldn’t believe what happened.

After her husband passed away, she thought no one would help her. Fortunately, she reached out to the right people.

They were able to show Agnes that there are still tons of kind human beings out there.

Watch the entire story heartwarming below!

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