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Woman changes the lyrics to ‘Jolene’ & has the internet in laughter over her version

For anyone who’s a fan of Dolly Parton, and even those who aren’t, you’ve probably heard the song “Jolene.” Although it was released more than 35 years ago, it remains one of her most iconic songs. Everyone loves it.

Parton explained the lyrics of “Jolene” were inspired when her husband, Carl Dean, went to a local bank.

While there, a clerk with flaming red hair flirted with him. At that time, he and Parton hadn’t been married very long and she wasn’t very happy about the girl’s actions.

So, she wrote the song with the lyrics, “please don’t take my man.” As for the title of the song…a young fan hopped on stage while she was touring to get her autograph. That fan’s name…Jolene.

The queen of parodies

There’s a woman by the name of Garnetta Rickett who’s an amazing parody artist. She’s so good at her craft that recently, she appeared on the Bob & Sheri morning talk show.

It all started after Sheri saw Rickett’s version of “Jolene.”

Beyond funny

Sheri explains that when she saw the parody, she was “on the floor snort laughing.” During the interview, she asked Rickett why she chose the song “Jolene” to parody.

In her words, “Well, I had a lot of friends at the time complaining about their husbands or boyfriends being underfoot.”

For all the women out there stuck at home with their significant others, see, you’re not alone in wishing they’d hurry up and go back to work.

Not only does Rickett come from a musical family but she also sings and owns just about all of Parton’s video.

While talking to the morning show co-hosts, Sherri said that being stuck at home with a husband or boyfriend isn’t anything like a Hallmark movie.

That’s when Rickett chimed in to say that no, it was more like “Misery.”

She understands quarantine all too well

As a caregiver to her 76-year-old mom who’s on hospice, Rickett said she’s been under quarantine for a long time.

She stated she’s become so good at it that she could give other people lessons on how to survive.

Diehard Parton fan

Rickett went on to say she listens to Parton all the time and loves this particular song.

So, while listening to it on a YouTube channel, it popped into her head that she needed to make a parody of it. The rest is history.

In her parody, you see Rickett in a bathrobe with her hair a wild mess. She first explains that she’s sick and tired of the guarantee and she’s had enough.

Soon after, she starts singing “Jolene.” But instead of using the original lyrics of “please don’t take my man,” she changes them to “please come to get my man.”

She wants someone to take her man as quickly as possible. Then she sings, “He’s big and strong, like a bear, he even has all his hair, but I cannot stand him, Jolene.” Her expressions are truly priceless. It’s no wonder she’s the parody queen.

She keeps singing, “All he does is sleep and eat, I’m tired of his smelly feet, I’ve really had enough of him, Jolene.” At that point, she takes a sip of wine. Then she continues, “This quarantine is killing me and I just can’t hardly see spending another minute with him, Jolene.”

For three minutes, Rickett parodies the song. The words and her facial expressions are hilarious. Everything about this parody is spot on. Look, we’re all having a rough time right now. But if you need a good laugh, this video will have you rolling on the floor.

We invite you to watch it below. Just be ready for a good chuckle.

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