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Woman couldn’t afford tow truck after car broke down so teens push her car 5 miles to her home

After an hour and a half of pushing, they made it to the woman’s home.

Angels, sometimes, don’t need wings to be one.

There are moments when an angel can just have a set of strong calves and some elbow grease. While we can get overwhelmed by the news, there are things that burst through the grey clouds.

In this story, we’ll see how a group of teens restored other people’s faith in humanity when did something no one expected.

A man named Dan Morrison posted about the heroism of three teens.
He said that he was driving when he saw a car that was stranded in the middle of an intersection. He knew the person was in trouble because he can see smoke coming out of the car.

Morrison said he slowed down to ask if the driver was alright. As she told him what happened, Morrison knew that she was far from okay.

The woman’s car broke down.

She only got the car six weeks ago and yet she found herself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Upon investigating, the car trouble was concluded to be a leak that made the engine coolant mix with the oil.

It also seemed that the car was too dangerous to drive so getting a tow truck to get her out of the situation was the best option.

Then, three teens approached the car.

Aeron McQuillin, Bailey Campbell, and Billy Tarbett were actually on their way to a local Tim Hortons to get some late-night sugar rush when they stumbled upon the commotion.

As they joined in, they also found out that the woman has no money to pay for towing services. The woman was also miles from home and there are no garages in the area.

Then, one of the boys quipped “You boys ready for a push?”

And no, we’re not talking about pushing the car to the side of the road. The boys were actually planning to push the woman’s car to her house. The woman lives 5 miles away from where she’s stranded.

Campbell told CNN that it’s better to push than be stuck like that. And it was a good thing that the boys were ready for such an event.

The teens got themselves bottles of water and a speaker.
They played music to entertain themselves as they heaved the car forward. Morrison, the man who saw the lady first, drove behind them and turned on his hazard lights to protect the boys.

The trek was not easy. The first big obstacle was a big hill at the beginning of their journey. At one point, the car died and they had to charge it just so it could get back to neutral.

After an hour and a half of pushing, they made it to the woman’s place.

The driver was both immensely grateful and amazed because three boys just pushed her car for five miles. Everybody hugged it out and went back to their homes to get a good rest.

The morning after, McQuillin said that their Facebook accounts exploded with messages of appreciation. As for the boys, all they want for people to take away from this experience is for them not to be afraid to lend a helping hand.

“There is so much negativity in the world; people want something positive. When something like this happens, it becomes contagious,” Morrison said to CNN, “Everyone has had car problems and can relate.”

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