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Woman Demonstrates Comical Way To Fold Fitted Sheets

Are you one of those people who washes your bedsheets and comforters almost every week, along with the rest of your laundry? If so, then join the club!

I like to make sure that I either change the sheets or wash the existing ones once a week so that everything is clean and fresh.

Although I have no problem is doing the laundry with my sheets and comforters, I have all the problems in the world folding this batch when it comes out of the dryer.

Why? Because it often includes the fitted sheet as well! Yes, the dreaded fitted sheet that no one likes to, or knows how to, fold! [googelad2]

I’ve tried all sorts of tactics and techniques to get the fitted in the best shape possible after it’s folded, but the sheet always has other plans!

There’s no way that I have ever gotten it to look perfect before I put it away.

There definitely are techniques you can try, and they do work, but I think even those take practice and the art of mastering.

I think one grandma knows exactly how I feel about these things because she came out with a viral video that’s making its rounds on the internet, and everyone is loving it! Gran is trying to bring a point across: Fitted sheets are a pain to fold and it isn’t as easy as some people make it seem.

Terri Matz took to the internet to share her “easy peasy” way of folding a fitted in no time, and it’s a must-watch!

The fun tutorial will have you in a fit of laughter in no time!

Terri starts by greeting her viewers and telling them that she did her laundry and is ready to fold the fitted sheet.

She’s not incredibly impressed with this task because she “hates to fold sheets.” She then proceeds to place the sheet on the floor, and this is when her hilarious tutorial begins.

She lays the sheet flat on the ground and instructs the watchers to put their feet in each of the two corners at the bottom; looking at her do this is so funny!

From there, she tells us to then lay on the ground and put each one of our arms in the corners at the top of the sheet.

She now looks like a starfish.

Terri then tells you to lay flat on the ground, with your hands and feet still inside the corners.

Her instructions from there just get funnier and funnier!

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