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Woman has the most adorable encounter with a koala and the video is melting hearts

What wildlife you are exposed to depends on where you live.

You might get to witness deer or fox in your backyard if you happen to live near a forest.

If you live in Australia, however, you could potentially be visited by a koala on your property.

That’s exactly what happened to a woman from Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

She enjoyed an adorable interaction with a koala that visited her while she was taking a dip in her pool.

Koala wanders into the backyard.

In a video the woman would post to YouTube, the koala can be seen slowly coming down from a tree and then heading to the pool area.

The koala went towards the water looking for a drink.

Don’t worry though, it is safe for the koala to drink from.

There was a small amount of chlorine in the water but it’s actually less than what humans drink regularly from tap water.

“Here in our exact postcode in Adelaide South Australia, our residual free chlorine sits at a level of 0.4 parts per million. This is actually 12.5x lower than the maximum levels recommended by the World Health Organization.”

“At the time we were actually cleaning the pool, hence all the cables and hoses and everything that were everything. This might actually be why the koala came to drink at the pool’s edge and not at his usual water bowls,” she continued. “So technically yes, I did give the koala chlorinated water but it is no more than the amount of chlorine that you and I drink from the tap.”

Woman and koala bond by the pool.

As the koala is scooping up water to drink, the woman slowly wades her way through the water toward the little creature.

The koala is clearly not frightened of her. She then cups her hands together to provide a little drinking cup of water for them. Amazingly, the koala drinks right out of her hands!

The woman glanced back at the camera as if to say, “can you believe this is happening?” What trust the koala must have had in the woman.

“Can I have some more water, please?”

As the woman moved her hands away from the koala, he sort of gave her a look as if to say, “I’ll have some more water if you’re still offering it.” The woman obliges and the koala continues to drink from her hands.

After drink kisses.

After the koala had drank all he wanted, the woman slowly made her way around the pool to them.

Both human and koala leaned in snout first and gave the other one a little smell and kiss. Things simply don’t get more adorable than this.

The woman continued to give him a little scratch and pet on his face and head. The gentleness displayed between human and wildlife here really is amazing.

Koalas have often been reported to visit backyard pools in Australia as a way to escape the heat.

Experts from Wildcare Australia recommend people keep flotation devices in the pool and dog ramps leading in and out of the pool to prevent the animals from drowning.

A regular visitor.

The woman who posted the video runs a YouTube channel titled “Lilly Pilly.” She only has 3 videos posted but they have amassed a lot of views. 16.4 thousand people are subscribed to her little channel.

“Our adorable little ‘neighbour’ pops in for a visit every now and again at our place in the Adelaide hills. Usually this little fella just sits in the tree in our pool area unfazed by anything around it but this time he was keen to come & make friends,” reads a description of her video.

Lilly Pilly talks about the experience.

In a follow-up video she would later post, the woman spoke about her experience.

“It was such an amazing encounter, one that I’ve never experienced before. I’m so glad I could share that with you all,” she said in the video.

Lilly describes herself on her channel as an aspiring environmental scientist and eco-warrior.

She is certainly a friend to wildlife, as the interaction with the koala by her pool so clearly demonstrates.

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