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Woman hides camera in her outdoor fountain and catches its many glorious visitors

Thirsty animals get a little help from a kind neighbor.

After many days of watching a wide variety of critters pass through her backyard, Jennifer George decided it was time to make them a little more comfortable.

Jennifer, who lives outside San Diego, knows all too well how hot the area can get.

She decided to put out a bowl of water on a particularly hot day in 2019. The thirsty visitors noticed right away and started to frequent her water bowl.

After seeing a family of coyote pups looking for a drink, she was hooked.

She quickly upgraded her setup to a larger bowl with a solar fountain. Jennifer placed a hidden camera to catch the multitude of furry, feathered, and sometimes scaly friends in action. It has become a true watering hole for the area’s wildlife and Jennifer couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I live in a semi-rural area in San Diego County on a large property, and used to see animals outside in our yard, so I thought it would be fun to get an outdoor camera to get a better look. I put a bowl of water out there to attract them, because I didn’t want to make them dependent on us for food, and because it’s very hot and dry here in the summer. Birds started showing up almost immediately to drink and take baths during the day, and at night we’d see other nocturnal animals like skunks, opossums, and bobcats drinking. I was excited to look at the camera every morning to see what showed up.” – Jennifer George told Boredpanda.

1. Squirrel

The little guy couldn’t resist this oasis. Jennifer’s camera caught him checking out the refreshing watering hole.

2. Snake

This snake found a cool spot for a drink. Visitors with scales are welcome.

3. Western Tanagers

These beautiful, bright-colored birds stopped to enjoy a refreshing bath. We think they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

4. A rat…and a frog

A drink is always better with a friend right? These two don’t seem to mind sharing.

5. Coyote

Has this thirsty fellow spotted the camera? If so, we don’t think he really minds the attention.

6. Cooper’s Hawk

Caught in action! This hawk glides down for a sip and a bath without realizing she is being watched.

7. Morning Dove

Jennifer jokes to her Instagram fans about their love of bird watching. One follower writes “I look forward to them.”

8. Rabbit

Jennifer’s latest camera angle shows off the beautiful setting and a furry friend. This rabbit is enjoying the peaceful oasis.

9. Bobcat

When Jennifer’s camera catches a bobcat, her followers are amazed. One writes, “I want to rent a room in your house!”

10. Dog

Jennifer writes on her page that this is actually not her dog. So, wherever this little guy came from he looks happy to find her watering hole.

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