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Woman uses 20-foot shipping containers to construct the ultimate off-the-grid home

We’d all like to be able to live off-the-grid from time to time.

A nice little vacation from the hectic city life would be good, especially at the end of the workweek.

This tiny house in Coromandel, New Zealand, is made up of five 20-foot shipping containers and is ideal for going off-the-grid.

It is situated on a 23-acre plot of land in the heart of a privately owned reserve.

The area has been designated as a sanctuary, and there are only 25 parcels on 1,100 acres of property.

Rosie was fortunate enough to purchase and own this lot with a breathtaking outlook.

Her house was named “Ahurewa,” which means “sacred place.”

With all of the natural resources surrounding her, the location is definitely sacred.

As a result, she honors the sacredness of the earth by living in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

It is completely off-the-grid.

They get their power from twelve solar panels on a 4kW setup.

They also have two 2,500-liter water tanks and a vermicomposting toilet.

Their water waste is routed to tanks utilized in their composting system.

Her home’s façade is nothing short of stunning.

She has a small garden in which she lets plants that grow naturally in the region bloom.

She also grows edible and medicinal plants for her personal use.

And her tiny abode is properly placed so that she can enjoy and see both the sunrise and sunset.

If the outside is breathtaking, wait until you go inside!

You enter her home via the mud house or transition room. You can dust off your shoes here before entering her lovely home.

It’s an excellent transition from outdoors to the comforts of home.

Rosie also maintains the batteries, inverter, and electrical grid to keep the heat they emit away from the main residence.

Then you’ll walk into a large room with her kitchen, dining area, and patio.

The ceiling-to-floor windows and sliding door welcomes you with a breathtaking view from outside.

It’s also very spacious with a huge kitchen area which is perfect for welcoming guests.

Another incredible feat of her house is her fireplace.

It functions as both a heater to warm the entire house and an alternate stove if their kitchen burner runs out of fuel.

Simply place a pot or casserole on the fire, and the heat from the fireplace will cook it. Isn’t that amazing?

Every bookworm’s dream comes true when they visit the library!

Two of the walls are completely covered in books, from the ceiling to the floor.

All of the books are organized according to what she refers to as “Rosie’s Classification System.” It has a reading nook with a comfy chair.

The bathroom and bedroom are located on the opposite side of the house.

The best part is this off-the-grid home is that she will never have to pay power or water bills again.

This is because of the house’s solar power, rainwater collection, and its eco-friendly vermicomposting toilet.

The bathroom is understated but magnificent. Rosie also decided to future-proof her bathroom by incorporating a large shower area.

This is large enough to accommodate a shower chair and grab grips that also act as a towel rack.

Finally, there is a large bed with a view of the magnificent nature outside.

It offers enough area to accommodate a king-sized bed while still allowing for movement.

A ceiling-to-floor glass pane on both sides of the wall provides a stunning sunrise view.

What a fantastic way to wake up!

Watch the video below to get a tour of Rosie’s off-the-grid tiny house!

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