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Woman’s Effort To Rescue “Leftover” Foals Sheds Light On Dark Side Of Racing

It’s hard to see the full picture when the picture that you see appears full, without any ugly truths neatly swept under the rug.

However, there is a brave woman who has dedicated her life to exposing the truth, saving the young and innocent lives of others.

In an industry all about winning, and doing whatever it takes to get gold, Victoria Goss, activist and founder of Last Chance Corral has been rallying and saving lives of unwanted foals leftover from thoroughbred racing, for decades.

In the video, Victoria is candid, explicit in her explanation of the compassionate work she does.

She begins to unravel what actually happens behind closed barn doors, saying that the foals she rescues are considered nothing more than a nuisance, a “by-product” of thoroughbred racing.

They are born out of the need for their mothers, the mares, to come into milking which goes to nourish only thoroughbred babies.

Victoria goes on to say, “If it weren’t for the fact that we’re here, all these foals would be dead.”

It’s all pretty grim, however, with initiatives like Victoria Gross’ Last Chance Corral, there is still hope and brave souls who continue to tirelessly march on in the face of adversity.

She’s been running this horse rescue mission since she was 12, in what started as simply taking in straggler horses that needed a home. Victoria is truly a hero.

Click below to see the incredible work this woman and her crew do every day.

She is a shining light, a beacon of hope that continues to do amazing work preserving the miracle of life.

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