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women stopping traffic with their gorgeous new haircuts

Sometimes, you just need a change.

Whether it’s a change in scenery, a change of career, or a change of look – change is good!

When it comes to changing your look, nothing is easier than getting a haircut or dying your hair. And these women? Took it to the next level!

Work By Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a pop artist and hairstylist with his own hair color brand My Identity.

This client from Finland ended up with just about the coolest color possible. Her roots had been dyed black and she was in need of a hair makeover.

Sweet To Sophisticated

She looked like a sheltered angel before and now she oozes sophistication and class.

Her slight smirk and perfect brows help her case, but it’s that new cut that is inspiring everyone. The texture is phenomenal.

She Got The Job

This haircut says, “you got the job,” because it’s just that sophisticated and trustworthy.

Her orange hair was a statement and it looked great, but her new one is even bolder in its own way.

Taking The Plunge

This girl looked like she’d never had a haircut before. The transformation is stunning.

Her youthful locks were gorgeous on her but the new look suits her. Some agree, some disagree, but all that matters is that she’s loving it.

What Alopecia?

This woman was diagnosed with Alopecia, which causes her to lose her hair.

She took it by the horns and showed it who is boss with this trendy red style.

It looks so amazing on her, she wonders why she didn’t do it years ago.

Razor Cut Is Still In

Some say that the razor cut is dead but this is proof it can be done and done right.

This textured razor cut look works for her. It is a fascinating way to go and not everyone can pull it off, she’s a lucky one.

No More Straightening

When you have type 4 hair, it’s hard not to go straight to straightening when times get tough.

When you’re feeling up to it though, you reset by getting a new short cut to embrace your curls.

That’s what this amazing woman did.

Chloe’s Exciting Journey

This is Chloe and she went through a lot over a five-year period.

She got braces, lost weight, and found a new confidence.

Her new hair says it all and it looks like it was made for her. Can you say perfection?

Those Freckles Though

She looks beautiful either way, but those freckles are stealing the show.

Her long hair made her look like a model, but her shorter hair makes her look like a supermodel. This change was a good one.

Don’t Call Her Bob

Now this is how you wear a bob. Her hair looks amazing, fresh, and chock full of personality.

Although her long hair was pretty, sometimes, all you need is to chop it all off to reveal a new you.

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