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Workers Finish Pouring Concrete Sidewalk And Uninvited Chicken Walks Right Through It

One of the most frustrating things about getting something done isn’t always the amount of time and effort it requires but having your hard work completely erased, forcing you to start over from scratch!

Each one of us has dealt with this in some way whether via typing up an essay but then forgetting to save it, or accidentally spilling coffee on a painting that was finally finished. Talk about frustration!

This discussion leads us to a viral video featuring a chicken and a wet sidewalk — it had just been paved.

Can you already begin to guess what happened next? Oh boy, this isn’t going to be good, I knew something mischievous was just around the corner for these workers.

After hitting the “play” button on the viral clip of the chicken, the first thing I see is the bird walking and leaving tracks on the wet concrete.

But he isn’t alone. “C’mon mate!” yells a man from behind the camera, one of the crew members who was involved in paving the sidewalk. I instantly burst out laughing!

Then one of the men attempts to grab the chicken, who continues to walk in the opposite direction and his mark on the concrete, literally.

You’d think that at some point, shortly after, the chicken would be intimidated by the men and just take off.

But, to our surprise, the chicken continues walking around on the wet sidewalk as if he’s having the time of his life.

The chicken doesn’t just step in a few sections of the sidewalk, he walks all of every square inch, ensuring his footprints are presented in every which way.

Of course, right? (That would be my luck right there.)

Although the hard-working men may be a tad bit frustrated with the unexpected disaster, they also had a great time capturing the moment on camera.

The laughter present in the clip tells us that the men came to terms with the fact that they will be working overtime on their sidewalk project.

After all, the incident did allow the workers to wind down during a long day at work and have something funny to share with their family at home.

I just hope the men were able to patch up and smooth the concrete out nicely again!

I mean, who would have thought there’d be a chicken on the run? And, hopefully when they did fix the sidewalk that the chicken, or any other animal, was not near the premises!

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