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World’s Best Parents Bring Their Daughter’s Stuffed Animal To Life For Christmas

My teddy bear’s name was Buddy and he helped me get through many scary nights in the dark while I was a child. He always had my back and we had many great conversations about life. We were best buds and I practically suffered from separation anxiety whenever I had to venture away from my bedroom without him.

Chances are, you also had a best friend in the form of a toy. A study suggests that 60-70% of children in the US and UK have an emotional attachment to an object (usually a toy or a blanket). These objects gives us a sense of emotional security and it’s only a matter of time before we begin to anthropomorphize give (i.e. give them human attributes). Not surprisingly then, is that it’s almost every kid’s dream for their favourite toy to come to life.

And that’s kinda what happened for one little girl named Daisy. Daisy’s one Christmas wish was that her stuffed toy dog, Luna, was a real puppy. So her parents did their very best to make it happen by secretly adopting an actual puppy that looks like Luna!

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