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Young boy see Santa’s come to his house and melt’s hearts

With how 2020 played out, it’s safe to say even us adults could use a visit from Santa.

We should get an automatic check on that “nice” list too with what we had to put up with.

So leave out those cookies and milk!

It’s the kids who really enjoy Christmas though.

They don’t have any of the world’s troubles weighing them down. All they care about is the joy this festive season brings.

Take this Scottish little lad who just found clues that Santa did indeed visit his house!

Archie’s dressed like one of Santa’s helpers but what he doesn’t yet realize is that his mom and dad went through all the effort just to make his Christmas that much more special.

So kudos to these cool parents!

Little Archie walks down the steps and sees a set of heavy footprints on the floor.

Prints that resemble big boots. Boots that left a lot of snow on the floor. Now who could have left those?

Dad follows his son around with a camera as little Archie follows the set of prints to a door. The little dude is so excited!

Parents Mike and Sarah Ralton deserve extra presents for this!

Archie opens the door and once he sees what’s on the other side, the little guy’s face lights up brighter than any of the tress in that neighborhood.

He gasps and claps his hands with so much joy at all the presents he’s looking at.

And it’s all his!

This means that little Archie has been a very good boy that year.

Remember, that list is checked twice before good old St. Nick comes to town.

And as if to prove how good he is, Archie even offers to help open his baby sister’s presents for her.

He loves the Toy Story bike!

Archie walks over to see if Santa ate the pie he left out. He did! But is that a bottle of beer?? Hmm…

The kid wonders now if Rudolph, that red nosed reindeer, ate the carrots he left outside.

So he makes his way to the front door, totally ignoring the freezing cold, to check what’s left.

There’s just a few bits and pieces left! Rudolph was hungry!

You got to hand it to Mike and Sarah.

The planning, the execution, and the video contributed to warming so many hearts around the world.

People who’ve seen this must have had their tired hearts melted.

Remember how excited you were for Christmas when you were a kid?

The video went viral overnight much to their surprise. Mike is a technician in the oil industry while Sara works as a nurse. She told Daily Record,

“I just couldn’t believe it. Mike posted the video on Christmas night and by the morning it had gone crazy.”

The humble Aberdeen home spread the Christmas cheer unknowingly and people are thanking them for it.

Little Archie’s reactions spoke volumes of how much he loves this season.

He just reminded us that it really is the season to be jolly!

Check out little Archie’s Christmas discovery in the video below!

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