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Young kids see homeless veterans freezing on the street and decide to give them a house

When the kids realized the veterans were sleeping on the street, they knew what they had to do.

Elementary school kids proved they can still do great things even at their age.

A navy veteran and his wife were given a new lease on life, not by adult-ran organizations and entities, but by kids who were still learning fractions.

Students from the Elm Street School in Rome, Georgia made an impactful school project.

They’re not talking about a mega-colossal vinegar-fueled clay volcano.

They’re talking about a tiny home that they can deliver to a homeless veteran.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, in a single night in January 2020, over 37,000 veterans were out in the cold.

These people have dedicated their lives to the service of their nation but they cannot even get a place where they can live in warmth and peace.

Instead of waiting for action, the elementary school students took things into their small hands.

Their first plan was meager.

They’ve built a four-feet-by-eight-feet tiny house with a sleeping bag, supplies, and a propane heater that’s safe for the structure.

It may not sound much, but for someone who’s living out in the streets, it’s a castle where they can work on getting back on their feet.

“Imagine somebody not having a house, being cold in the winter. This could probably help that person be warm,” Rosenda Cux Chan, a fifth-grade student, said to FOX News.

Their efforts were met with red-tape, however.

When they tried to find a place where to put it, they found out that different places implement different zoning laws.

The unique nature of the home doesn’t belong to a housing category and sometimes, local laws ban people from using a similar structure.

This didn’t dampen their cause, though.

Once word about the project got out, organizers from the Georgia Tiny House Festival and Ooh La La Lavender Farms pitched in to help.

They initiated efforts to provide the tiny home with electricity and plumbing, and a larger addition to the original tiny house.

Help also poured in from sponsors, donors, and volunteers until finally, the house was ready to be gifted to a veteran.

The recipients are Eddie and Cindy Browning.

The couple has been living in a camper in Norwood, and unfortunately, the said camper is slowly falling into severe disrepair.

At one point, it was also damaged by fire. But now, they wouldn’t have to worry about that.

They will now sleep on a queen-sized bed and eat meals from a completely equipped kitchen.

They also have a full shower and a toilet with assistive handles. And most of all, they can now rest in comfortable warmth.

The couple has already expressed their gratitude in full emotion but they teared up even more when they learned about who made their home – a bunch of children who decided they wanted to change the world, one little house at a time.

Representatives from the Elm Street Elementary school have said that they will build a tiny house every year and give it to needy families.

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