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Young man earns over 53 million views with solo dance in front of window

Many people would probably say that the place where they are most comfortable is at home.

It’s a space where we can do whatever we want without people who are going to judge us. We can sing and dance all we want. Just make sure that the doors and the windows are closed.

But a man named Sven Otten (aka JustSomeMotion) actually filmed himself dancing at home – and his video racked up a whopping 52 million views on YouTube. Pretty amazing, right?

You will love his dance moves!

His dancing skills are the fruit of his hard work and passion.

Otten didn’t learn how to dance by taking classes at a professional school. He’s actually self-taught and developed skills by watching videos online.

After starting, Otten realized he’d found an activity he loved – which is why it turned into his passion!

He didn’t expect the dance video he recorded in his room to go viral.

Otten is dressed in a suit and loafers with Parov Stelar’s song “All Night” in the background.

His feet quickly get moving to the rhythmic track, and he appears to pull out the “moonwalk.” But that’s not all he’s got up his sleeve.

His dance moves are on-point!

There are some dancers in this world that keep you hooked with how their body moves.

Sven Otten is one of them. He starts pulling out a variety of dance moves that blend perfectly with the song.

He’s like a pro.

It’s hard to believe that a guy who is self-taught could dance as incredibly as he does. Otten even created his own dance style that is referred to as “neo-swing.”

According to MARTA, it’s a combination of Tectonic, Rebolation, the Charleston, and the Melbourne Shuffle.

His video has also received appreciation from viewers.

Viewers have left comments like:

“I’ve watched this 100 times. I just can’t love it enough!”

Another person also can’t get enough of the performance, saying:

“I gave up counting how many times I’ve watched this genius doing his thing!

Pure joy watching it over and over! Thank you sir, for making me smile every single time!”

The video’s success has brought Otten down a road of exciting opportunities.

He ended up becoming well-known in Germany, taking part in publicity events and television shows.

Otten was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in Italy, and he’s made his mark in Brazil and the U.S. as well.

It was just a dream that became possible for this man.

What started out as pursuing a new passion turned into an entire career for Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion).

He now has over 384K subscribers to his YouTube channel alone.

On it, he shares a variety of videos, including dance clips and his own tutorials so that fans can learn the moves too.

What an inspiring story!

Otten is very appreciative of his fans and for where he is today. He wrote on YouTube:

“So incredible! Beyond grateful! Now dancing is not only my passion but also my work.

Dreams come true! Thank you all so much for watching it and following me.

I really appreciate all people out there who support me and my channel throughout the years.”

When you’re being yourself and you just want to show that you love to dance, many people will love it. This is what happened to Otten and he absolutely deserves it.

You can watch his video down below.

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