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Young teen achieves ice skating history and earns gold medal

Alexandra Trusova is one of the most talented ice skaters in the world – and she’s only 13!

During a recent performance, Alexandra made an achievement that shocked everyone watching and allowed her to take home a gold medal that day.

The major event happened at the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championship and nobody knew what was going to happen. As she stepped on the ice, hundreds of eyes focused on her.

Ice skating isn’t an easy sport by any means. That’s why we happily tip our hats to anyone who’s mastered the skill.

Trusova had been taking lessons since she was a toddler, so by the time she was in her teens, she was basically a professional.

She had international competition experience and the confidence to match.

But the talent Trusova had was on another level. The crowd who attended the competition in Bulgaria got up-close proof of it too.

No female had ever landed a quadruple jump more than once during a performance at the ISU Junior Championships.

As you can probably guess… that record stood until Alexandra decided to land two of them in the same routine.

Everyone watched as the youngster flawlessly landed her first quadruple jump, one that’s referred to as a “Salchow.” Although it was impressive enough – she wasn’t done yet.

Adding to the incredulity of everyone watching, Trusova even threw in a “quadruple toe-loop”! With years of training, she made the whole thing look easy.

Before the teen’s accomplishment, skater Miki Ando was the only female to complete a quadruple jump while competing.

According to the International Skating Union (ISU), that was back in 2002 during the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

Trusova was also the first lady-skater to land a quadruple toeloop while competing.

In addition, her other moves and skills had people spellbound during her performance.

The judges gave Trusova a high score of 153.49 points for her routine (a personal best for the young skater). She ended up earning the gold medal and scoring 225.52 overall.

Trusova was absolutely thrilled to have been named the winner. However, the fact that she made history with her two quadruple jumps was even more rewarding.

In an interview with ISU, she explained:

“I am very happy to have won, but I’m even happier to have landed the two quads. I prepared for that and I did it.”

She even talked about how she needed to keep her composure during the competition! You can’t get too excited, even after you land some amazing moves as she did.

“After I landed the quads, I was very happy, but I still had the rest of the program to do. There were still three difficult combinations to come and I had to pull myself together.”

Millions of people have seen Trusova’s incredible performance. She had an amazing career ahead of her!

It’s amazing what some people are able to accomplish by dedicating themselves to something they love.

There’s no doubt that Alexandra Trusova will continue to rise to new heights throughout her life.

Press play to see 13-year-old Trusova wow everyone with her magical moves!

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