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Young teen undeniably steals show on Keith Urban’s stage

If you could join your favorite singer on stage, who would it be? And could you really sing on that stage in front of all those people? See, lots of artists out there make it a point to involve their fans during their concerts.

It’s a good thing. They wouldn’t be who they are without their fans. Plus it’s really cool to see these stars interact with normal people.

It just goes to show that being famous means giving back as well.

One such artist is Keith Urban.

But this was no ordinary interaction. The young lady on stage is Hailey Benedict.

This singer songwriter is a rising talent in the Canadian country music scene and continues to captivate her audiences wherever she plays.

Urban pulls two girls on stage. Hailey and McKenna are sisters. He interviews both, asking where they’re from, school, and what they want to be. To which Hailey responded with,

“To be a singer songwriter.”

Keith loved it!

Urban asks Benedict if she writes already and when Hailey said yes, he asked her if she plays guitar.

When Hailey said she does, Keith immediately asks someone for a guitar. The look on Hailey’s face!

Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton was in for a treat!

They bring a stool for her and an electric guitar but Keith has not forgotten his other guest. McKenna doesn’t sing but she wants to be a gymnast!

Keith asks Hailey if the capo on the guitar’s neck was fine. The aspiring young singer tells Urban to move the capo to another fret.

She knows what she wants. Hailey realizes this is her one big chance!

“I just soaked it all in, that’s been one of my dreams since I was little, to look out at a crowd that big and sing one of my own songs.”

Hailey tells thewimn.

That she did!

Hailey proceeds to strum the Fender and sings one of her original compositions, “Clean Slate“. That’s a teenager in front of 20,000 people and she’s singing her own song!

This young lady got in to music at the age of six. She was nine when she first started writing then soon learned to play the guitar after.

Hailey knew that she loved music and was something she would do for the rest of her life.

Benedict is fearless.

Not only did she perform for all those people, she did it for Keith Urban!

Randy Lancaster commented,

“That was freaking awesome! Hailey for bringing it when put on the spot, and Keith Urban for making a young lady’s dream come true! Much respect..”

That’s the mark of a true artist. The show must go on!

What a brave young woman. And to think most adults shy away from karaoke, only taking the microphone after a few drinks.

You bet Keith was impressed! Look at his facial expressions during Hailey’s short performance!

Check out Keith and Hailey’s show below!

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